The English curriculum provides the student with experiences that lead to a mastery of composition skills and an appreciation of literature. Traditional grammar, formal expository writing, literary analysis, and vocabulary building receive emphasis. A student must complete each of the four levels of English, Grades 9-12, for the Lovett diploma.

Honors and AP courses in English offer qualified students a chance to cover more material at a more challenging level than that expected on the regular academic level.

The Lovett Upper School English Department aims to teach all students how to be more effective writers through the writing process, which includes drafting, editing, and revising many major papers throughout their Upper School experience. Our ultimate shared goals include helping students develop their ideas, clarify their expression and organization, improve their accuracy in language and structure, expand their diction, and d
iscover and incorporate their unique voice in order to take risks through their writing. For more information, consult the Upper School Writing Guide.

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English Curriculum


Upper School English