College Counseling

It is the mission of the College Counseling team at Lovett to work with students toward self-examination, goal-setting, decision-making, and self-advocacy in the search for options that will allow them to continue their learning beyond high school. In a highly individualized process, the college counselors promise to:
  • Know our students well
  • Inspire our students toward excellence
  • Challenge our students to take responsibility and encourage parents to let them
  • Guide and Support our students and their families through this process
It is our job to know our students and to help them know themselves. We hear from their advisors and teachers, we attend extra-curricular activities in which they participate, and we invite them to spend time in our offices.

Like all teachers, we ask our students to stretch themselves. We want to inspire them to look beyond the familiar in their search for colleges and other post-secondary programs. We encourage a sense of discovery in this process and we guide our students in their research of programs which will best respond to their goals.

We work to challenge students to take ownership of the college search and application process, just as they must take ownership of all their learning. We have found, and research shows, that when students lead this process, they are more likely to own it, and as a result, learn the higher skill of informed decision making. Each student benefits from an integrated network of advisors, parents, teachers, siblings, and friends. We help them navigate this support system, even as they gain greater independence and autonomy in making decisions for their futures.

As advocates, the college counseling team acts to guide and support students throughout the process. We listen, give advice, and offer suggestions, and we help them present themselves in the best possible light to their colleges. We write about their strengths and highlight their talents, and we help them do the same. We call colleges on their behalf to provide context and support for their applications. Helping students find the best fits for their strengths, interests, desires, and talents is our highest priority.

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College Board Code 110185

Jessica Jaret Sant

Director of College Counseling

(404) 262-3032, ext. 1318

Irma Navarro
Associate Director of College Counseling

(404) 262-3032, ext. 1321

Anita Alston
Associate Director of College Counseling

(404) 262-3032, ext. 1333

Sue Copps
College Counseling Assistant

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